Patch Adams

  • Graduated from medical college of Virginia in 1971
  • Have designed and been working to build a free hospital for 50 years. Addressing all the problems of health and delivery in one model. It will be in West Virginia, our poorest state. All the permanent staff will live there as a convenient ecovillage and all make the same salary. It may be the first happy, playful, lovely hospital.
  • Have lectured and performed in every state and 82 countries for last 35 years. A number of lectures:
    1. Living a life of joy
    2. Gesundheit Institute
    3. What is your love strategy and many more
    4. Led 300 clown trips for up to 40 people, 6 to 7 per year, 5 times into war zones

Reach out is an important project bringing love and fun to kids in hospitals, not just in the Netherlands, but many countries. If kids become loving and fun, its the most important direction towards a mentally healthy world. Go Baby!!

Patrick “Pat” Carr

Patrick graduated engineering school at the University of Missouri in 1979. He has worked in the equipment and construction industry since graduation. His passions are flying and sailing. He holds a commercial pilot license and was active as a flight instructor as well as a current US Sailing Level 1 instructor rating. He has 2 children and 2 grandchildren. Pat was in high school when his grandfather Lloyd Stearman passed. Lloyd lived on the west coast so time with him was limited to a few weeks each year. “I have come to know more about Lloyd from reading and studying his history”.

Pat is excited about the tour to see his grandfather’s legacy alive and generating excitement across the nation

Stephen Coonts

Novelist Stephen Coonts was born and raised in West Virginia.  Commissioned in the Navy in 1968, he flew A-6 Intruders from USS Enterprise during the last few years of the Vietnam War.  In 1980 he graduated from the University of Colorado School of Law, practiced for six years, and started writing novels.  His first, Flight of the Intruder, was a huge hit and launched a new career.  He spent the summer of 1991 flying a Stearman to all of the lower 48 states; his book about the adventure, The Cannibal Queen, is an aviation classic.

Stearmans are the romance and adventure of flight, sensual, with a great engine throbbing, the wind in our hair and the song of life in our hearts.

Tom Lowe

Tom Lowe entered the world of flying at a young age. He served his country in the military in the 1970’s as an aviator. After that he was hired as a commercial pilot and flew for various airlines until his retirement as a Boeing 747-400 captain. Tom owns several aircraft, including his self-restored Stearman #17 and a unique Stearman, model C-3R. Along with some friends, they organized the very first Stearman Fly in. Tom is a long standing Stearman enthusiast, together with his wife Nancy and his son Mike.

Somehow we never run out of fun with these Stearman biplanes

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