Do you know there is a hidden story in vintage planes? A story that has never been told. A story that paves the way to a new era of usage. A story that can put this country at the forefront of a new movement, to inspire new generations, to rejuvenate her great flying heritage.

This initiative is all about achieving that.

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Stearman owners and enthusiasts, we need you, your nation needs you, the world needs you.

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Hé girls and boys!

Stearman biplanes come to an airfield near you in 2021 and you don’t want to miss them. See them flying and up close, talk to the pilots and watch the unique and spectacular theatre/magic show.

And there is more. Aviators have a story to tell. A story about knowing exactly who you are and what you want to become. They know, because they walked the line and they want to share that with you.

We think you will like it a lot. In fact we need you. Your country needs you. To help keeping a great piece of American heritage flying, to experience what aviation can do for you and to have great fun!

Can we count on you?

Can we count on you?



The BSHT2021 will increase public interest in the Stearman biplane in 2021 by connecting Stearman owners to new generations, literally flying throughout the USA, showcasing pilots, their Stearmans and additionally by performing theatre shows on 15 occasions nationwide plus, via a reach out, with an entertainment program at schools, kids hospitals and day care centres near each airport along the route.

To create an enduring future for Stearman biplanes by expanding their usage as a platform for personal growth and enjoyment plus by having a solid program that connects the young generation, from their perspective, to aviation and their passion.

The roadmap towards our vision is:

  • Organize a five months tour with Stearman biplanes throughout the USA and Canada. This Tour is our main carrier wave for a number of activities.
  • Reach out to kids that have a challenging lifestyle with our performing art shows in schools, hospitals, institutes, near / outside the airports that we visit
  • Holding flying and static shows at airports, including the magic / theatre show called ‘the Old Crow Show’
  • Holding public friendly venues at airports; either as standalone or in combo with existing events
  • Being a magnet for Stearman enthusiasts, plus their planes to gather at the fields we visit
  • Organizing a program that intensifies the connection between Stearman owners and the young generation
  • Showcasing how Stearmans enrich the life of pilots and their families
  • Using aviation and especially Stearman biplanes as a metaphor for life with inspirational and aspirational reach outs towards any kid
  • The public interest into vintage plane diminishes
  • The young generation has hardly any connection with Stearman biplanes
  • The age of people owning, maintaining and flying these planes is growing
  • Vintage planes come from an era that fades away in human memory
  • The present usage of these planes is too narrow banded.
  • The group of people operating them is too narrow banded
  • Typically, a US/Canadian family with kids between 6 and 14 years
  • Kids that find it challenging to discover who they are and what they want to become
  • Kids that are mentally or physically challenged
  • Adults / young adults who need a “nudge” towards aviation

The attitude towards life as an aviator.

  • We hold ourselves to the highest degree of integrity as we are fully aware of the role model that we have towards our audience and the kids. We fully follow the rules, guidelines and demands that authorities impose in regard to dealing with children.
  • We always reach for the best attainable qualities in the planning, execution and review phases of the tour
  • Respect to People. We value other people, encourage their development and reward their performance. We stay away from any political or religion expression. We do not use animals in our shows.
  • Customer Commitment. We are committed to supply the best possible service to our audience, potentials clients and customers. Any issue will be dealt with in a humane, open atmosphere
  • Personal Accountability. Each team member is personally accountable for his behaviour. Any critique is given in a positive way and is regarded by each person as a unique opportunity to learn and grow.
  • We are a team. Each member is subjective to the wellbeing and growth of the team. Our individual actions are towards this goal
  • Will to Win. Each member is aware of our common goals, vision and mission. We realize that we can only win if we all succeed, via our personal Will to Win
  • Law and order. We work under the law and order of the local, regional and national authorities. We comply with their orders, demands and wishes instantly
  • Respect to the Environment. We treat our environment, nature, wildlife with respect by avoiding any unnecessary disturbance and pollution
  • Think globally, act locally. Each team member understands his or her impact on the world. Our actions are directed towards acting locally with our global impact in sight
  • 2021 Marks 80 years since the US involvement in WWII and marks the 50th version of the National Stearman Fly In, the greatest gathering in the world of one type of aircraft
  • The Tour, with flying Stearmans, is joined by a mobile theatre entertainment activity
  • The Stearman ‘Old Crow’ arrives in the USA from abroad, especially for this tour
  • Our ‘kids/buddy 50/50’ program facilitates Stearman pilots to showcase the world of aviation to the young generation
  • The Tour features the open-air theatre/magic show ‘the Old Crow Show’, with the premiere in Lakeland in April 2021
  • A group of international artists performs around the Stearmans
  • The Stearman ‘Old Crow’ is an integral part of the ground shows and comes to life via special effects
  • The artists hold a special program with entertaining and inspiring shows as a reach out towards kids, outside the airports, in hospitals, schools and institutes.
  • The tour highlights both the greatness of mr. Lloyd Stearmans design including the importance for world history as well as paves the road for future use by young generations via a new set of capabilities of usage
  • The Tour serves as a catalyzer for Stearman pilots to join forces in inspiring a new generation to become who they are, inside or outside aviation, by sharing their common passion
  • It is Barnstorming, a lot will go on
  • Doors open at 10 AM, all invited, especially the kids
  • See the planes flying and up front
  • Rides, fly overs, shows in the air, camaraderie, entertainment
  • Watch the spectacular theater/magic show ‘the Old Crow Show’ several times a day
  • Meet and greet the pilots near their biplanes, for kids and media, get inspired by their passion
  • Make new friends, learn about aviation from inside out
  • Go home with a unique gift from our merchandise shop
  • Doors close at 05:00 PM
    • Note that the times and the program may vary, depending on the amount of planes that show up, the weather and other circumstances
    • During the weekdays, the entertainers visits local schools, hospitals, etc.
    • The core tour members land early in the week



The first time the Wright Brothers flew in 1903 changed the world. After centuries of dreaming and failed actions we finally could see the earth from a bird eyes view. We saw how small our garden or the one of our neighbour looks from 10,000 feet up. We saw how small humans look from even a thousand feet.

We, for the very first time in modern world history, got an extra perspective on our very own lives. Mankind’s reflection on herself raised to a whole new level.

Lloyd Stearman (1898-1975), US citizen, was a gifted airplane designer and builder. Arguably the most iconic biplane ever, the Boeing ‘Stearman’, was offered to the US government in the 1930’s as the ideal military trainer plane. Given the sturdy structure, the excellent handling characteristics and ease of maintenance, the plane was accepted.

The more than 10,000 examples that were built by Boeing in Wichita KS trained hundred thousands of American and allied student pilots. Pilots, that went to combat in order to liberate the world from occupied forces. They served mankind to the highest degree and they could do so because they learned to fly in Mr. Stearman’s timeless design.

The American nation lead the world to a new era.

In modern days many Stearmans are still in flying condition; as a tribute for those that paid the final price and also for personal joy and excitement. Rebuilt, maintained, flown, photographed and admired by those that have learned to listen to that special feeling in their hearts. Once a year they flock together. About a hundred Stearmans and aviators meet at the National Stearman Fly In in Galesburg, IL.

A week of sharing the passion, strengthening the bonds and having fun flying the birds.

In 2021 they celebrate the fiftieth version of the Fly In; bigger than ever, more planes than ever and especially with a warm and open heart to anyone in the world!

Yet, there is an untold and hidden story inside these planes.

A story of seeing life as a great adventure, as an unpaved road leading to an obscure destiny, with one order; Make that life into a polished diamond and serve your fellow humans and the country you live in. It is those that interact with planes and, sometimes on a daily basis, going up in the sky that need to learn to deal with that extra dimension. How to negotiate with that additional freedom and how to give that a place in your life?

It is truly a story that has the potential to reach out to all people, inside and outside aviation.

Is there a better way to fly than in an open air cockpit with wind that blows in your face, two wings that lift you off the ground in seconds, driven by that huge radial engine thundering five feet in front of you? A better way to experience life to the extreme?

Biplane pilots feel privileged they can do so. They have learned, like many others in aviation, how to form their lives with the lessons learned while flying. Planes teach us how to use our hands, our brains, our hearts. We learn via them how to make decisions, how to behave cordially, how to respect nature.

Planes are the ultimate teaching platform.

It is this insight that has motivated pilots with their Stearmans to have a five months tour throughout the USA and Canada in 2021. Landing on airfields and telling that two-sided story: Here are the planes that helped win a war and here are the planes that can help you learn things about your life.

Stearmans were pilot makers; now they are human makers. They found a new job. A story especially for the young generation that is faced with many challenges and temptations. Find your way back to yourself. So that they become whoever they are; football player, doctor, pilot or anything else that lays dormant in their heart.

We can help. The Stearman can help.

Once landed, we set up our camp. We show the planes flying. We hold our unique Storyteller and Theater Shows around the planes. Exciting, funny and with tiny little life lessons.

We have a story to tell. The real, untold and hidden story.

You want to join?


The Boeing Stearman Homecoming Tour 2021 is all about getting the Children off the couch and getting them a life that fits.
We use planes and their stories to convey that message.